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To request a Boat Watch merely fill out the Report Form. When submitting a Boat Watch, we request the following minimum information if available:
  • Name and description of vessel (size, sailing or motor vessel, sail configuration, color of hull, trim, bimini, etc.), other distinguishing characteristics such as size and color of dingy, wind vane if equipped, and hailing port or country of registration.

  • What communications capability does the vessel have (Marine VHF, HF and Ham Radio gear)?  Call Sign if known.  Are there scheduled radio contacts with the vessel and if so at what times and on what frequencies?  Is the vessel equipped with WinLink 2000?

  • Where was the vessel when last heard from and by what means of communication (telephone, SSB radio, e-mail, etc.)?

  • What is the vessel's itinerary?  What is next destination, estimated date of arrival, and if known, what is it's general routing?

  • What is the reason for this report?  (example: serious illness or death in the family; vessel is long over due, or family is concerned why no word in a long time, etc.).

  • Who is the message for (name of person on vessel) and what message is to be conveyed (example: "call home immediately for urgent message", or "your family is concerned that they have not heard from you as expected, etc.)?

  • Who is making the request and are there any special instructions or phone numbers?

  • Please let us know when the requesting party has been located.  That is very important so that we may close out the incident in our records.
Once it has been confirmed to us that the message was delivered, we will notify all members of the network and close out the incident in our records.

We will keep each individual Watch for one month.  If at the end of that time period the vessel has not been located and we have not received an update from the person that requested the Watch we will mark the Watch as unresolved and place the Watch in our archives.

To proceed to the Incident Submittal Form, please (click here).

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